The cabin is not hard to find if you follow our directions if you don’t follow our directions and use your GPS you will get lost and when you get lost you won’t get a cell phone signal.


Just get to Robbinsville any way you can. Once in Robbinsville go to the light across from Ingles supermarket and Walgreen Drug. You are 10 miles exactly from here. Now go straight on Hwy 129 North towards Tennessee.  1.4 miles out of town you will come to Hwy 143 on your left, here you will also see signs for Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, and Cheoah Ranger Station the local name for this road is Massey Branch, there is a Sunoco gas station at this turn. Go left, which is the only way you can go here. Now stay on it till you come to the stop sign, about 3.3 miles up the road. This is Snowbird Rd it will also say West Hwy. 143 but this is Snowbird Road. Go right exactly 4.4 miles to West Buffalo Road, NOTE: about 2 miles it turns into Santeetlah Road but it keeps going straight. So just stay on Santeetlah Road and go straight. Just before you come to a large concrete bridge you will see West Buffalo Road on your left. There is a sign here for Cedar Cliff Baptist Church. Turn left here and keep going 5 miles exactly. When the asphalt ends you will still have 3/4 mile to go. Don't turn up Huffman Creek Road or Jim’s Lane. As you are going up the dirt road you will cross a small bridge, immediately on the left past the bridge is the B&B. If you are going to the Hemlock Hide Away cabin it is another 1/8 of mile up the road on the left next to the pond.

If you come in from the Skyway or Deal’s Gap 

Come down Santeetlah off the Skyway or from the Joyce Kilmer area behind the lake till you cross the bridge over the lake near the sign for the Blue Boar Lodge. The road immediately past the bridge on the right is West Buffalo Road. Turn right here and keep going 5 miles to the cabin. When the asphalt ends you will still have ¾ mile to go. 


If you really want to use GPS Try This

Once in Robbinsville enter "Blue Boar Lodge" into your GPS.  Just before you arrive to the lodge you'll see a  concrete bridge with a sign next to it for "Cedar Cliff Baptist Church.  Turn left just before the bridge on to West Buffalo Road.  Now go 5.2 miles up West Buffalo to the cabin.  DO NOT get off West Buffalo Road.  Turn off your GPS, NOW.  Don't go on Jim's Lane.  We are on West Buffalo Road.  When you run out of asphalt you still have 1.2 mile to go.